Data Graduates

Our client, a leading South African management and technology consulting firm is looking to hire Data Graduates for a 12-month graduate programme.

The programme is designed to give passionate, analytical and enthusiastic graduates the opportunity to enhance their abilities through various forms of consultant training and garner valuable experience by exposing them to the workplace, through internal and external project engagements. Understanding data is the catalyst for innovation, informed decision-making, and the creation of exceptional customer experiences. This translates into increased revenue, significant cost savings, elevated service excellence, and a profound understanding of our clients’ and end-users’ needs and behaviours. Yet, navigating the data mine can be a challenge. Our Data Consultants are fuelling the data-driven revolution and are propelling organisations to thrive in the future.

Data Engineering

  • Enhancing data solutions, including databases, data warehouses, and pipelines, to maximise raw data’s utility. We design BI Architectures, craft robust data solution architectures, aid in seamless data migration, integrate disparate sources into unified data marts, and ensure technical implementation aligns with governance and regulations.

Data Enablement

  • Empowering the data landscape with our expertise in data analysis and effective solutions. We bridge the gap between technology and business goals, ensuring seamless integration, data governance, and efficient data handling.

Business Application

  • Expertise extends to the customisation and enhancement of Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementations. We ensure that systems are not just tailored but finely tuned to the specific nuances of your business, guaranteeing optimal performance and functionality.


  • Focusing on leveraging data to produce automated actionable insights, improve decision making, and provide predictive solutions to drive both revenue and business efficiency. We engage on designing and developing analytics-specific Data Marts (ABTs) for comprehensive analytics, conducting exploratory data analysis to identify business trends and opportunities, designing and developing predictive and propensity models to support cross-selling and up selling initiatives, and creating analytical models to build actionable insights from AI and ML for informed decision-making.

Quantitative Advisory Services

  • Focusing on designing, building, and deploying quantitative models that measure all forms of risk and encompass general Quantitative Modelling using advanced analytics and machine learning. We cover Credit Risk across retail and corporate credit, the comprehensive management of Market Risk, insights into Regulatory Risk through quantitative impact analyses, Operational Risk management, and assessment of Climate Risk.


Completed degree in one of the following fields of study:

o BCom or BSC

o Technology and/or Systems degree

  • PDM; PDBA; PGDIP and Masters in any of the above would be advantageous


Market related


Johannesburg, office based and willing to travel locally and outside of South Africa

Contract term: 12-month graduate programme

To apply send your CV to

Application closing date: 28 June 2024