The quest to getting hired can be an extremely stressful experience whether you are a recent graduate, or already have many years of work experience. As in most developed countries there has been a strong rise in the need for specialized skills recruiting due to the high unemployment rate and the competitiveness of today’s job market.

Recruitment agencies will either be part of a large company’s HR team, or be external/independent consultants whose main functions are to assist companies with compiling their job descriptions, and finding suitable candidates either by head hunting preferred prospective employees, or by managing recruitment campaigns. They are also a great source of information for job seekers looking for new positions or opportunities for advancing their careers.

Recruitment agencies for graduates will mostly be found targeting various universities or courses to find graduates who meet their client’s needs. They would be responsible for assessing the graduates, interviewing prospective candidates and then also assisting with the selection process.

Using the services of recruitment agencies for graduates has many advantages, least of all being that the hiring process can be completed faster, the quality of candidates will be higher and the agency’s ability to source candidates is not limited to geography.

Job fairs, which were forced into Covid hibernation, would also normally be heavily influenced by recruitment agencies as they would have firsthand knowledge or experience in the latest job market and recruitment trends, while also being aware of the HR regulations and needs of their clients.

Graduate recruitment has become quite a specialized market and as such these graduate recruiters could be considered industry experts. It is this industry knowledge that allows them to identify which resumes to consider faster, thus cutting out the tedious process of wading through thousand’s of unsuitable resumes, and creating a shortlist of prospective graduate employees.