Preparing for any interview can be a nerve wrecking experience, whether applying for a graduate job, graduate programme, skills development course or a graduate internship. However, there are ways in which to prepare for your interview to ensure that you are able to make the most out of your experience.

The core of the interview is based on the principle that the interviewee is basically being tested on their suitability to the job, programme, course or internship on offer, and whether they would be a good fit with the business. As such here are some tips on how to prepare for this all important interview:

Firstly, arrive prepared. While it is a given that you need to dress correctly for the interview in question, ascertain beforehand whether the specific environment requires a business or business casual dress code. A tailored, modern outfit, and well-groomed look always creates a great first impression.

Secondly, gain the upper hand by understanding your audience. Learn everything about the company, from various sources, so that you can sound enthusiastic and knowledgeable about “who” the company is or what their programme is all about. This will also enable you to put together a number of smart questions to put to the interviewer, demonstrating your willingness to participate in what they have on offer.

It goes without saying that the interviewer will have questions for you, and be prepared by firstly knowing your own resume off by heart (with spare copies should one be requested). If possible, contact the recruiter or HR contact to find out what the interview format will be, to enable you to prepare for questions that would be expected, prepare your answers in advance, which will help you to project a confident and capable image.

Lastly, be confident, but not arrogant and whatever you do, be honest with the interviewer. Creating a false impression of yourself or capabilities will not fool an experienced recruiter.