Doing something politely means to have or show behavior that is respectful and considerate of other people, and in the absence of being able to create a first impression of yourself to a prospective employer in person, HOW you submit your CV, could be considered even more important than your CV itself.

In today’s modern and technological era, you would most likely submit your CV electronically, even though in some instances you may have the opportunity to deliver it in person (or very rarely today, by post). While there is no exact protocol for how to deliver it, by which ever means, doing so in a correct and professional manner will be most advantageous to your application.

Irrespective of your delivery method, when you submit your CV you will need to include a cover letter. The letter should be a short and concise introduction of yourself and also include a paragraph regarding your openness to being contacted for further information relating to your work experience.

Submitting your CV politely, whether to a job seeker agency or employer is to make sure that how you submit it is done professionally and is addressed to the person meant to receive it. The cover letter needs to be typed in a formal letter format and should not be longer than a single page.

If your CV is being submitted through email, especially to a job seeker agency, your cover letter should rather be included in the body of the mail and the CV attached in a PDF format. The subject line should in the least have the job reference number/title and at the most include your name.

Lastly, being polite and considering of the amount of CVs the recruiter or recipient is likely to receive, make sure that your CV is formatted correctly, you have spell-checked your grammar and punctuation and that you refrain from being over familiar in any way.