Whether you are working or studying full time, one of the keys to being successful and meeting your required targets, is being able to manage your time efficiently. This becomes even more paramount if you are working, be it full or part time, and decide to embark on a course of studies simultaneously.

For many who do not have the luxury of being full time students and not having to fund their own studies, working while getting certified is the only option available to them. Unfortunately, there will only be so many hours during the day in which to accomplish both.

Firstly, if you are not able to land a job that is flexible in the hours that you will have to put into your working commitments, learn to communicate with your employer. Often employers are willing to be somewhat accommodating to your study needs because, after all, they get the advantage of your newly acquired skills and knowledge.

Secondly, manage your time wisely. Being proactive with your time will help you prioritise your goals. Create a realistic and workable plan, set targets that you can comfortably reach and follow through with the schedule you have created for yourself.

It will be hard to remain motivated, especially when you may start to feel overwhelmed. So while time management is important, looking after yourself physically and emotionally is just as vital. Make sure that you maintain a balanced lifestyle by following a healthy meal plan and getting enough fresh air, exercise and sleep. Make time for family and friends, you may need their support.

Lastly, while technology is an easily accessible tool for staying in touch, when using entertainment as a study aid, keep in mind that it can also be a huge distraction and hitting that off button on a regular basis, is a must for when you need a quick rest and reset.