As with putting your best foot forward when wanting to make a good first impression, so too it becomes important to ensure that you come across as relevant and in keeping with the times when applying for new positions. This is why your CV should be revamped and updated on a regular basis and the start of a new year is the best time to consider this.

One of your first steps when applying for a new position will be to submit your CV and this one document becomes very important to how you want your prospective employer to view your suitability. Having an outdated or badly written CV will almost certainly not warrant a second glance from a professional HR consultant, however, ensuring that your CV ticks all the relevant boxes will make getting your foot in the door that much easier.

A current CV should not only include all your more recent (and likely more relevant) qualifications, but should have an updated list of references, including your current employment. Furthermore, as it happens more often that people relocate and change addresses and/or cellphone numbers, you have to ensure that you are reachable on the contact details that you have provided. If you have done your homework and modernised your CV, you may have included details such as a profile photo. These are some of the details that need to be kept up to date as your interviewer may be expecting you to look like the portrait you have provided.

Keeping your CV updated on a regular basis will also ensure that you can submit it at a moment’s notice and that it is kept concise and compelling. Editing its content on a regular basis will also maintain your transferable skills more noticeably.

By using a modern layout, and editing out irrelevant content, your CV will most assuredly be taken more seriously by prospective employers as it will show that you are ready to be up-skilled and hired.