As a recent graduate, the search for a job can be compounded by many factors. The rising cost of student loans and an overly saturated job market being but two often faced obstacles.

Registering with a graduate job agency will not only help you get your resume more widely networked, but part of the graduate job agency’s role will be to source possible job placements that are suited to your specific skills and qualifications.

Not only will a reputable graduate job agency be aware of your interests, qualifications and needs, they also have a distinct responsibility to any employers who may be their clients to find the best possible prospective employees who may be considered.

Consider a good graduate job agency as a career matchmaker. They will weed out the job offers that would clearly not be suited to you, while also setting you up for success with prospective employers who need your specific skill set.

It may be tempting to take the first job available so as to start earning an income, but do try to ensure that any starting roles are not a hindrance to your career prospects. A good way to avoid getting sidetracked or stalled in your career path is to register with as many graduate job agencies as possible.

While it may seem as a fruitless expense to register with a graduate job agency, bear in mind that both small and large enterprises as well as government entities are more inclined to recruit through graduate job agencies precisely because there are more graduates than jobs currently available, and hence their screening process are advantageous to both employer AND employee.

As for what jobs you can apply for, the answer is quite simple: Any. Consider rather which jobs you should apply for.