Career Planning Resources

Future Skills is working on a career planning resource aimed at high school Life Orientation (LO) teacher to share with their learners. Since the start of Covid-19 many high school learners who would have in the past attended career expos are unable to do so due to the many restrictions brought about by the pandemic.

It has been proven that young people who get career development information while they are in high school are able to make better-informed choices about their career path. With the high rate of youth unemployment our country is faced with, career planning is vital as this helps young people in knowing what career choices are out there and which ones are most suitable for them. This knowledge means they will not find themselves in the dark when it is time to decide what to do after high school and as a result adding to the high levels of youth unemployment we are faced with as a country.

In response to the challenge of many companies and organisations not being able to host career fairs, Future Skills has decided to put together a career planning resource in the form of recordings that will be saved on USBs and distributed to 1000 Life Orientation (LO) teachers around the country, focusing on township and rural schools, where the need for career development information is most vital.

Future Skills is inviting companies to be part of this initiative by allowing us to record information that they would ordinarily have shared at a career fair to be produced and packaged into USBs that will be distributed to 1000 LO teachers who will play the recordings to their learners giving them vital career development information. Each LO teacher has on average 200 learners meaning the information will benefit 200 000 plus learners.


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