On behalf of the Department of Education, we would like to thank you for inviting us to attend your career day expo. We truly enjoyed ourselves. This is a great initiative that learners will benefit from. It gives learners a better and clearer perspective of the careers that they wish to pursue, I believe that it will also open their minds to other careers that they were not particularly looking at pursuing. The expo was informative and well organised. Future skills managed to present speakers from different career paths which helps the learners be aware of the various careers available to them and we commend you for that. The speakers also had adequate time to present and inform the learners as much as possible. Future skills in not the first nor the only organisation that has hosted a career day expo but your execution of it is the most impressive by far. Learners were given adequate time to interact with the speakers which is very vital and that is something that most organisations fail to deliver at career expos. Future Skills did an excellent job and beyond the programme, your hospitality was very warm and welcoming.

Vanessa Boikhutso SES Policy and Planning, Gauteng Department of Education

My highlight of attending Future Skills first work readiness interaction for the year, was the outline of what the programme entails. I believe it will add a lot of value to us students and also allow us to be attractive to the job market. My biggest take home lesson from the session was that you must be proactive in your growth and everything is in your hands.

I attended Future Skills work readiness morning and I must say for me the overall impression of the session was amazing, all my expectations were met. The first presentation which gave insight into the work of a consultant was really the highlight of the whole session. I had no idea that there was so much to know and learn about consulting. It really gave me hope for the future and made me look forward to lies ahead in the workplace when I complete my studies.

Future Skills work readiness morning was well planned and shows that there are good opportunities out there, all we need to do is just go out and get them. The biggest lesson for me was to take that risk because you never know what is out there for you. Hearing this from someone who has work experience made me realise that as I want to make a career change I am not crazy and it is okay to make that change.