Feenix™ Platform.

Feenix is a transformative platform that embodies the spirit of empowerment and access to higher education in South Africa. This innovative initiative serves as a beacon of hope for students facing financial barriers on their educational journey. Feenix leverages the power of crowdfunding to bridge the gap between talented, ambitious individuals and the financial resources required to pursue their dreams. Through this platform, students can create personal profiles, sharing their stories and aspirations, while donors from various backgrounds can contribute towards their education. In essence, Feenix is a catalyst for educational dreams to become reality, fostering a culture of philanthropy and inclusivity that empowers students to achieve their academic potential and chart a brighter future. It’s not just a website; it’s a symbol of the collective belief in the transformative power of education.

At Feenix we believe access to education should not be dependent on wealth. Learn how everyday South Africans can get involved and be part of the funding solution!

South Africa is brimming with young innovators, creatives, and academics, but quality education comes at a cost.

To address the lack of funding options available for students attending university, Future Skills SA has partnered with Feenix TM to provide qualifying students on the platform with an opportunity to be part of our work readiness mentorship programme; as well as take their funding goals into their own hands by raising the funds they require through their immediate networks and communities.

By giving students a platform to share their stories and motivate for funding, Feenix provides a space for everyday South Africans to get involved, including small and large businesses, to find students they connect with and make donations towards their fee goal.

Get involved today at www.feenix.org and learn how you can assist in building the skill set of the future leaders of South Africa or get in touch today by emailing our dedicated team: