As with most things in life, nothing has to be set in stone. Your career path is no different and once you realize that it is okay to be flexible, a whole new world of opportunities may be opened up to you.

To the graduates of our skills development programs, we like to encourage the idea that graduates should seize the opportunities that may present themselves by being open to new ideas and challenges, and hence economic advancements too.

As we grow as people, and become older, our personal circumstances may change at any given time, our priorities may shift and even our goals in life may be altered. This is why we should not get stuck with too narrow a focus on the job title we want, or even the industry we want to work in.

Being flexible in a career path means that you need to evaluate what your wants, needs and priorities are. Which interests are unique to you? What are your skills? Which career path would suit your education, training and aptitude?

Once you have done some introspection and you know which types of career paths you may like, you have to do your research. What kinds of jobs are available in the industries that you have a passion for? Do those industries’ values and culture align with your morals and ethics?

Once you picture yourself, and where you hope to find yourself in 5 years, together with what your definition of success is, don’t be afraid to make a change from where you currently find yourself. Making a short list of careers or occupations and speaking to people already in those fields, will help you determine if you would like to succeed in those areas.

The idea of working to earn a living should not be blighted by the idea of being stuck in a job you hate. Rather chase your passions, starting by choosing the right career for you.