Vacancies for Graduates

During hard economic times, there may be a decrease in the number of job openings available, especially for graduates. This can make it more difficult for new graduates to find employment. However, it is important to remember that many companies are still hiring and that even in a tough job market, there are opportunities for those who are well-prepared and willing to put in the effort to find them. Additionally, some companies may focus on hiring entry-level workers, including graduates, as they are usually cheaper to hire and train. So, it is important to be open to different roles and opportunities and to continue to develop the skills and qualifications that employers are looking for.

There are several ways to search for graduate vacancies in South Africa:

  • Recruitment agencies: Recruitment agencies often work with companies to fill graduate vacancies.
  • Professional associations: Many professional associations have job boards or networks where members can find job opportunities, including those for graduates.
  • Social media: Companies often advertise graduate vacancies on their social media accounts. Please follow Future Skills on LinkedIn and Facebook.
  • Government portals: The Government of South Africa has portals for jobs and graduate programs, you can find them by searching for “government graduate programs South Africa”

It’s a good idea to tailor your search to your specific field of study or industry to find relevant opportunities. Additionally, networking and reaching out to people in your desired field can also help you learn about potential job openings.

Future Skills South Africa aims to provide resources and information on possible vacancies for graduates in South Africa.

Following this website can provide several benefits for graduates:

  • Networking opportunities: The website may also offer networking opportunities, such as career webinars or events, where graduates can connect with other individuals and professionals in their field.
  • Access to training and resources: The website may offer training and resources for graduates to develop their future skills, such as online courses, workshops, or mentorship programs.
  • Access to job opportunities: The website might also have a job board or a section for job opportunities related to future skills
  • Access to government and private initiatives: The website might also have information about government and private initiatives related to future skills, this could be beneficial for graduates who are looking for financial aid or support. Some websites to follow: Capitec Bank, Government vacancies, and other more independent companies like KPMG.

Overall, by following, graduates can gain access to valuable information and resources to help them develop their careers and stay informed about the job market and economy in South Africa.